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"OUR MISSION" To improve the socio-economic status of members, customers, and the community at large through savings mobilization, affordable credit provision, investment, and educate "OUR VISION" to be the leading Sacco in the country in off­ering quality financial services to our members and customers "OUR MOTTO" Your Financial independence is our priority

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About Us

Lompasago (NWDT) Sacco Society was registered on June 20, 1980, by the Commissioner of Co-operative Development under the Co-operative Society’s Act, Cap. 490, Section 7 of the Laws of Kenya…                                          

Our Partners are:

Core Values

  1. Integrity.
  2. Co-operation and Teamwork.
  3. Encourage creativity, innovativeness and embrace new ideas.
  4. Considering / Fairness.
  5. Encouraging practices that…


To improve the socio-economic status of…


To be the leading Sacco in the country in..


Your Financial independence is our priority…

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